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IIC is a Homeland Security & Emergency Management Training & Consulting Company

IIC offers interactive training solutions, software applications and market materials for professional development and program management consulting services, to municipal, state and federal government agencies, and airline and airport front-line management and employees, to help resolve the communication problems discovered on September 11. IIC assist with addressing the disconnect between DHS and TSA government employees ability to effectively communicate security policies, and airline and airport staff successful execution of security regulations. IIC also provides FEMA training and consulting activity to program managers and contracting officers for emergency management planning.
WILLISTON, N.D. The airport in Williston has received the highest honor granted by the Transportation Security Administration to facilities across the country.
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Dr. Stacey L. Tyler, author of Airport Security: Passenger Screening and Governance Post 9/11, and Airport Security: Organizational Leadership and Change Post 9/11, with 14 years of frontline industry experience in the domestic airline and airport business offers a unique perspective to Homeland Security, Transportation Security and Emergency Management training, compliance, response and planning.
Following the terror attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, the Transportation Security Administration began changing the way it screens the nearly 2 million passengers who fly daily in and out of our nation’s 450-plus commercial airports. The agency evolved from a one-size-fits-all approach to security and changed operations by adopting a risk-based, intelligence-driven method.
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• Homeland Security Policy and Coordination
• Airport Security: Effectiveness of Legislative Policies
• Creating the Line with Terrorism
• Technological Advancement for Combatting Terrorist Progression
• Intelligence: Critical Approach to the U.S. Patriot Act
• FEMA: Emergency Response and Planning & Recovery
• Professional Ethics and Civil Liberties
• Terrorism: System Approach to Biometric Threats
• Infrastructure of Democratic Approach
• DHS: Fundamentals of Management & Applied Communication of Effective Policies

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